Q. I have a Groupon, how do I register for classes?
A. Once you've decided on your first class from our Class Schedule, just show up 10 minutes before your class start time with your Groupon in-hand and we will get you squared away - super easy!

Q. How big are the classes?
A. Our studio is intimate and therefore class sizes may vary from 8 – 16, depending upon the type of class.  We want you to sweat because you had a good work out, not because your class was overcrowded!  All classes are on first come first serve. 


Q. What type of women pole dance?
A. Women of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels!  Some women have dance or fitness experience, others have none.  Our clients are lawyers, moms, real estate agents, massage therapists, bartenders, teachers, yoga instructors, students, corporate executives, and more!  We encourage a fun, supportive atmosphere for all.

Q What should I wear…or not wear?
A. Normal workout attire will do just fine for all of our classes.  We want you to be comfortable but feel free to enhance your workout with sexy accessories or themed attire…this is your time to play “dress up” and be free to do whatever you like!  Add sexy high heel shoes, nice camisole, boy shorts, cute skirts, thigh high stockings, etc., anything that makes you unleash your inner diva.  Please note that lingerie and nudity is never acceptable in the studio.  Please no oils or lotions if you are taking a pole class.


Q. I’ve never done this before and I’m kind of shy. What does The Dollhouse Studios expect from me?
A. Nothing is expected of you – our instructors are trained to create a non-judgmental, relaxed and supportive atmosphere.  It may be hard to step out of that box…but I promise you it will be the most rewarding activity you have ever participated in.  Unleash the Diva in you!


Q. Do I need any prior dance experience to take a class?

A. No, you do not need any prior dance experience to attend or benefit from our classes. We welcome women of all ages, shapes, sizes, experiences and fitness levels. You will feel at ease with our expert instructors and supportive atmosphere. Your fellow students are women just like you. You will find our classes to be very supportive, diverse and welcoming to all.

Q. I would really like to show off my new moves. Can my husband come and watch?

A. We are a women only studio – if you wish to dance for your husband, boyfriend, partner or friend, you may book private studio time.  Call for details.

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