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The “premiere pole fitness studio” offers everything from Pilates to pole dancing, all in the name of empowering women.
(St. Louis Magazine)
The Dollhouse Studios makes getting in shape sexy
(St. Louis American Newspaper)

THE DOLLHOUSE STUDIOS was featured on the l "The JJK Effect", where on this episode, Jackie and the ladies visit to the Studio where they were pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the Dollhouse workout.

Check-out THE DOLLHOUSE STUDIOS feature on one of the more entertaining episodes of the OWN Network's hit reality series "Welcome to Sweetie Pies." In this episode, Jenae arranges a fun night out with the girls. Miss Robbie's in for the surprise of her life when the spa day she was promised turns out to be a pole dancing class!

Owner talks candidly about the vision for The Dollhouse Studios and their mission to remain St. Louis' premiere workout studio by empowering women to get results through strengthening the mind, body and soul to work in unison.  Creating a community of strong women confident in their appearance and finding new methods to achieve health and wellness, is the Mission of The Dollhouse Studios. 

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